Community Outreach

Learning from community, learning from the Real World around: The entire DNA of Samskara International School is designed on the premise that Learning is not at all confined to textbooks, classrooms, to teachers alone or to any kind of isolation. Learning has to be all-pervasive and all-encompassing by being in collaborative interaction with larger community as a whole that includes parents, families, educators, Visiting faculty, external subject experts, resource-persons, doctors, professionals, environmentalists, artists, nutritionists… all those who come together to facilitate learning for life for our children.

Socio-emotional support is crucial in a school environment to foster good psychological health and well-being in students and staff. The counsellors role is to organize and conduct push-in sessions on different topics like time and stress management, empathy, self-care, relationships etc. The counsellors role is also to counsel students individually and help them develop and sustain the self-awareness and motivation required for long term self-change and/or self-acceptance.

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