Personal Development

Samskara International School has a resource centre which is fully equipped with highly qualified staff constituting of two School Counsellors and two Special Educators. The centre also includes assessment tools, teaching aids and assistive devices to provide multi-sensory remedial teaching to students who are diagnosed with a learning disability. Cognitive learning strategies are also taught to students that focus on comprehension and memory skills, organizational and study skills; and enhancement of written expression.

  • We feel very strongly that we need to take advantage of every opportunity to develop “real” understanding not simply looking for rote methods for marks-oriented education which offer nothing more than mundane practice of abstract ideas. Learning should no longer restrict just to the classroom and students must venture outdoors to learn how to connect with their environment.
  • Understanding can only be developed if there are regular opportunities to apply the skills in everyday situations, going outside and allowing learners to explore and find maths, science, history, languages etc for themselves is the way to life-long learning. We have seen a lot of growth and boost in confidence in students which ultimately makes them life-long learners.
  • Possibilities for learning beyond textbooks are endless and so are the benefits provided by them.  For learning outside classroom and beyond textbooks, school ground in itself is a great place to start.  There is no end of places you can take the pupils – Museums, galleries, farms, bank, gram panchayat, rain harvesting plant, botanical garden; handicraft centre, organizing workshops, meeting people, community walk etc can be of great interest where they can find out how things are made and how things work at local level. It enriches the learning experiences of children in many ways:
  • Makes learning relevant
  • Lets the abstract concepts come alive
  • Learning through dramatic play facilitates learning through the whole body.
  • Acquisition of Sense of discovery through experimentation
  • Develop interest in the environment and wider surroundings
  • children get exposed to new opportunities
  • The ability to apply skills is, according to a recent study, critical to employability yet absent in many school leavers. Providing situations where learners can apply their skills and problems solving is essential if we are to develop young people who are able to “think”, “innovate” & “function”adequately in society.
  • “The most important lessons in life are usually not learned in the classroom”.
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