Life Skills

Life Skills are also taught to the students during their regular classroom period. Life skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, empathy, decision making etc. are incorporated in the students behaviour through various activities and role plays. The frequency of these classes is once a week. Assessments are conducted and children are given grades as per the guidelines set by the CBSE Board.

It is a very important program of our school. It is a process in which students are given advice on how to deal with emotional conflicts and personal problems, both in school as well as in their daily life. Furthermore, the students with learning disabilities who also show secondary difficulty like ADHD, behavioural, developmental and peer issues are counselled. 

The following procedure is followed for the same:

Case Referral

A qualified counsellor is available at all times to help the students who are facing any difficulty. The parents and teachers can refer a student to the counsellor or the student can themselves approach the counsellor for guidance. 

Gathering Information

After the case has been referred, the counsellor meets the parents and teachers to gather some information about the child.


The counsellor then observes the child in different settings to understand the student and his/her needs better.

Counselling Session

After the information has been gathered, the counsellor starts working with the student. Individual counselling sessions are given to the respective subject/class teachers, students and parents.


To bring about the desired changes in a student’s behaviour, teachers, parents and the counsellor have to work together. The counsellor also provides the guidelines to the parents and teachers that are to be used while dealing or interacting with the child.

Value Addition

The staff attends and conducts workshops on a regular basis to be in touch with the recent developments in the field of education and learning. Thus, the strategies are evolved accordingly and the team is able to function more effectively.

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