Vision & Mission


To foster the feeling of empathy, integrity and humanity within each child, so that they can lead the world with their brilliance and compassion.


To provide a space that nurtures 21st century skills in students to prepare them for the real world and ensure holistic development of every child.

Samskara International School develops the children into versatile, thoughtful, productive & sensitive young people who are:

  • Confident, creative, ‘thinking’ young minds with individual opinion and have courage to speak their mind
  • ‘different’ & who would make a difference
  • Progressive global citizens with Indian value system

Children will be taught “Soft Skills” like independent thinking, Indian values and team work along with creative skills, research skills and ability to find information, synthesise it & make something newer of it.

We intend to raise importance of STEM Skills i.e. Science, Technology, Education & Mathematics- based education.

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