Group Profile:

Surabhi NGO Welfare Organization that started functioning in the  year 2002 is  non profit making organization with an aim to bring socio-economic, educational and health development among the rural and urban poor, the main target being the backward classes, minorities, and reserved community with due focus on the women and the children,. The Organisation is governed by like-minded dedicated social workers professionals 7 educationists which consists a majority of female representation. It is registered under society registration act of Karnataka state 1960.

The Organisation has got well qualified & experienced full/part time staff that work in about 20 rural villages in Bidar Dist of Karnataka state. It has got good networking built up with the consultant and resource persons for the effective implementation if the rural and urban development programs. The institution is also in possession of required materials and literatures connected with the aimed programs. It also in possession of required two & four Wheeler conveyance facilities timely movement .

There is no limit to Education in terms of WHAT? HOW? WHERE?
Most of us agree that quality education is about possibilities. About success in real life, discovering the child’s innate talents, Excitement in learning new things, being a good human being and a contributing citizen and almost everyone talks about it.

However not enough has been done about it. Samskara International School has taken a step ahead to be a school ahead of its time, focusing on EXPERIENTIAL Learning.

Samskara International School has a different approach towards learning. Here learning is based on the view – “A School with a Difference”.

What is important in educating young children is to foster the spirit of inquiry and spontaneity that makes all learning a joyous discovery.
This approach to education is not so difficult to implement if we can free ourselves from certain conventions and preconceived ideas. But it requires, above all, that we remember that the child is a soul, an expression of the divine and the kindling of spirit of inquiry and sense of discovery can inspire the child to find just what he needs in order to become what she/he is.

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